Sunday, 30 August 2009

Simply bea-utiful cupcakes

There's a certain time of the month when every lady craves cupcakes...or maybe it's just me but anyways...I'm lucky enough to have a lovely husband who pops to the local bakery at lunchtime and gets me my "fix". And it's just fabulous that the bakery local to his office is Bea's :) 

We had a passion fruit, a raspberry, a chocolate Baileys and a chocolate caramel. The two chocolates were Manny's but he let me have a taste of the divine chocolate Baileys - next time I'm having one of those for sure! My passion fruit one (with the cherry on top) was gorgeous - soft and flavoursome base and the frosting was to die for - fruity yet moreish. And the cherry on top was lovely too :) Again the raspberry base was nice and soft (and fresh!!)  and the frosting had a nice sharpness to it that you expect from raspberries! Simply divine!

When I first tried Bea's cupcakes I really didn't get them - I didn't like the frosting as I was used to the more sugar-filled American style ones but now I really, REALLY like them - it was just a case of something different being a shock at first I think! I also love the freshness of the ingredients used - you can tell everything is super-fresh and I adore the passion of everyone who works there! 

Sorry for the quality of the pics - I was taking them with my new phone which I've not gotten used to yet - they really don't do the cakes justice! 

I really recommend keeping an eye on Bea's website (and twitter) for the flavours and popping along to try the many lovely combos they come up with! I'll be back for the chocolate Baileys soon! 


KARA said...

Oh they sound scrummy and really look lovely, they decorate their cakes nicely, I don't need a time of the month for a cupcake lol

Manny said...

You can't go wrong with Beas, their cakes are always nice and the people in the shop are so friendly too, it's a pleasure going there to bring you cakes :)

I heart cupcakes said...

If you can get over to Bea's next time your in London I highly recommend them!! Gorgeous cakes and a really cute little cafe. They have lovely coffee too :)
And hey any excuse for a cupcake ;)

I heart cupcakes said...

@Manny - thanks again for going - you really are FAB :) As were the cupcakes

Kristy said...

I am very jealous - I need a husband who works near Bea's!!! They look scrummy - am definitley heading there

I heart cupcakes said...

Hiya Kristy - welcome to the blog! He walks past it everyday but thankfully he doesn't go in too often or I'd explode!