Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Asda goes crazy for cupcakes

I popped into Asda today to do some shopping on the way home and spotted this giant cupcake for under a fiver. I think I'd prefer a nice freshly baked cupcake myself but thought I'd share :) Could be good for a party I suppose if you can't afford a fresh baked one! 

They also have a tray of what they call "party cupcakes" for under £2 - it seems that anything that's a little cake is a cupcake these days! If they're anything I'd say they're fairy cakes!

They also have some little recipe cards featuring vanilla cupcakes in their baking goods section - although again I'd say they're fairy cakes as they've got royal icing on top!

Sorry if the pics are a bit blurred - was trying to take the pics without being noticed as I'm not sure you're allowed to take pics in Walmart owned businesses!

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