Friday, 14 August 2009

How to frost a cupcake

I found this rather cool video on Youtube,  featuring Helen Shroyer of Marmalade Cake Company in Toronto, which gives you hints on how to ice cupcakes in 3 different styles. I was impressed with her suggestion on how to fill an icing bag - something I do need to practice as I'm usually covered in more frosting than the cupcake!

You can see the vid here

Thanks to Helen Shroyer/You Tube for the screen shot of the iced cupcakes - gorgeous aren't they! 


Manny said...

Ha ha, I wish I'd been there when you had your little mishap with the frosting bag :)

I love you sweetie xxx

KARA said...

amazing, the hardest bit is defo the icing bag, she makes it look so simple may have to bake to try this out

I heart cupcakes said...

I'm with you Kara - she makes it look very easy. I fancy some baking myself- if only it would stop being a zillion degrees in my kitchen!!!
Hope all is well with you x

KARA said...

Yeah I am good thanks, tell me about it way to hot. Not bad thanks hope you k x

icandy... said...

Soooooooo dreamy looking... YUM!

helen shroyer said...

lol, just stumbled across this after Googling my name. It IS easy gals, try it out :)

Hey, what's the worst that can happen? "Mistakes" are just snacks for later, right?

Have fun!

I heart cupcakes said...

Hey Helen thanks for the comment! Since posting this my frosting has gotten much better (I can now do swirls and roses!) so I have to say thank you :)

And I agree - even if they don't look fab at least they usually taste great!!

Santho said...

Great video. I tried all three frosting styles for my son's birthday :-).