Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bea's cupcake order form

Bea's of Bloomsbury put up their cupcake order form online last month and I totally forgot to blog it (sorry!). 

Flavours include the scrummy sounding passionfruit vanilla, strawberries and cream (which I tried last week...very nice!), praline chocolate, chocolate grand marnier and my favourite sounding one...lamingtons cupcake: rich coconut glazed in rich fudge icing and then covered in coconut...yum! 

There is also the option to 'build your own cupcake', which includes the option for baileys base or baileys frosting...or both..swoon!  Ther are options for gluten free and vegan cupcakes as well. 

Sorry about the pic above - just got my new mobile phone and it took a day or so to get used to it! The chocolate cake has kumquat on :)

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Manny said...

I really liked the chococlate and kumquat cake, they both look great too :)