Friday, 28 November 2008

Battle of the GIANT cupcakes!

And it would seem that Angel Food Bakery in Brighton is going to win it!

Their website is finally up and running and their menu lists their giant cupcake (which we saw when we went to the bakery and I was VERY tempted!) at a very reasonable £16.95 which is a nearly a third of the price of Lola's Showgirl giant cupcake, which is the same size! That means I could go to Brighton on the train, buy Angel Food Bakery's giant cupcake and still have enough left for some small cupcakes, a cappuccino and a couple of pints of Kriek at the Evening Star! I feel a trip coming on!!

Check out Angel Food's website now - they really are worth the train journey!!! And if the giant cupcake tastes as good as their normal sized ones its a definite tastier alternative to the Christmas pud!

Oh and I love their "no fridge" logo - how cute!


Manny said...

Let's go soon, there's a giant cupcake with our names on waiting for us :)

Cupcakes Lady said...

Looks absolutely lovely. Would need some help with it I think! xx