Saturday, 15 November 2008

The worlds most expensive cupcake?

The worlds most expensive bake sale is being held to help fix Vista....a v.cute advert from Apple!

I tried to embed the video but it wouldn't work so you can check it out here!

In the new ad, the character of "PC," played by humorist John Hodgman, says he is holding a bake sale because "the marketing guys decided to run a big, expensive ad campaign rather than use that money to fix Vista."
When "Mac," played by actor Justin Long, asks PC why he has been forced to raise money by selling pies and cupcakes, PC replies: "Since my problems don't seem to be a priority for them, I'm taking matters into my own hands ... a bake sale."
Mac then buys a cupcake, and at PC's urging, takes a bite after asking its price. "[That will be] $10 million," says PC. "Now you have to pay me because you had a bite."

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