Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm the proud mother of...

an Ocado delivery van weighing in at a rather hefty three and a half tonnes, named Strawberry Cupcake!

Let me explain - a few weeks ago I got an email from Ocado , (THE best on-line grocery delivery service EVER!), with a competition to name an Ocado van and I choose the rather spiffy Strawberry Cupcake ...and it won (out of over 5,000 possible strawberry names I'm told!) so my adopted van is now driving around London delivering shopping - how great is that!!!?

AND I got a cute little certificate of adoption to prove it and I get a little model van with my next order!

If you spot my van please let me know -I've been looking but no luck yet!

1 comment:

Manny said...

That's brilliant, I hope we see it sometime :)