Friday, 21 November 2008

I heart Tiffany cupcakes :)

We went to the Tiffany pop up shop at Somerset House and got the last two Hummingbird Tiffany cakes!

They were yummy and I'm happy!!!

Sorry about the pics - it was dark when we got there and when we got home to eat the cakes my hands were so cold (we'd been to the Slow Food/Christmas Market at the South Bank - go its GREAT! And Chocstar were there making ever fabulous hot choclate and a really rather gorgeous millionaire shortbread...YUM!!) I couldn't hold the camera! And I need a new camera - my one isn't focusing properly at all's old!

Anyways for scrummy Tiffany blue cupcakes run along to Somerset House - I've got to go back to get some more pics of the inside of the little cafe, its very festive :)

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Manny said...

That was so lucky, getting the last 2 cakes :) I had a lovely time at the market with you, can't wait til the next one xxx