Saturday, 15 November 2008

Quick ....escaped cupcakes expected 22 November!

From the Great Cake Escapes latest email....

The Great Cake Escape celebrates its 1st birthday next week and we'd love you, cake takers and cake crusaders, to join us in celebrating a whole year of guerrilla cake-dropping mischief.

On Saturday 22nd November, we'll be doing a special commemorative cake drop:

The Great Cake Escape 1st Birthday Cake Drop & Secret Street Tea Party
Location: Hoxton Square and Shoreditch streets
Date: Saturday 22nd November, starting at 12 noon and throughout the afternoon

To commemorate the inaugural cake drop that took place a year ago and the thousands of cakes that have escaped onto the street since, Cherry Bakewell and Fondant Fancy will be releasing hundreds of special birthday cakes onto the streets of Shoreditch. The cakes will be left in mystery locations for curious cake-takers to find and there will be one extra special cake, "the golden cupcake", for people to keep their eyes peeled for...whoever finds this one will be able to claim a special mystery prize! After the hard work of cake-dropping, Cherry Bakewell and Fondant Fancy will be celebrating the project's 1st birthday with a little street tea party in the middle of Hoxton Square that afternoon and invite everyone to join them for a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Follow the trail of cakes and look out for birthday balloons to find them! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain...

I plan on dragging Manny up to Hoxton for this (beer as a bribe should persuade him and cake of course!) Hopefully can report back on this next weekend!

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Manny said...

I'm persuaded :)