Thursday, 13 November 2008

S'more Spooky Cupcakes

We were in Brighton for Halloween so as a pre-Hallow's eve treat I popped into Selfridges after a fruitless trip to Westfield on its opening day for a Buttercup Cupcake, to get a couple of Lola's garishly frosted Halloween cupcakes.

As well as two pumpkin cupcakes I was tempted to try one of their 'flavour of the month' which was S'mores so we ended up with a treat and a half each! Unfortunately although the pumpkin Halloween cupcakes were lovely, lots of moreish frosting with nice soft batter base, the S'mores cupcake was a MAJOR disappointment. The base was incredibly dry - to the point I couldn't eat it, and there wasn't really any flavour to it - it was like a flavourless dry cake. The frosting was also disappointing and I'm still left wondering what flavour it was meant to be. I know S'mores are meant to be marshmallow, chocolate and wafer but there was not obvious trace of any of those flavours unfortunately! Oh well at least the Halloween ones were yummy!

Oh and I did make it back to Buttercup at Westfield the following Monday! Their 'cafe' is located near the giant Habitat in case you can't find it and it is rather tiny, with about 4 seats. It's not listed on their website for some reason but it is there honest! Luckily we got there before the queues started and we got to sit down and enjoy our cupcakes, although I'm not sure if we enjoyed them as much as the little boy next to us who had frosting from his eyebrows to his elbows - his mother was mortified but it made me giggle! While we were there a lot of people came and bought cupcakes and there seemed to be a lot of "oh thank god we found it finally" I wasn't the only one traipsing round looking for it! As usual their cupcakes were lovely, a moist base with lots of beautifully flavoured frosting! Their vanilla purist is one of my favourite cupcakes ever! As soon as I feel better I'm going to Kensington to get some - right now I'm so sick I don't think I could even manage a cupcake...the horror!!!

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Manny said...

You can't go wrong with Buttercup - they do rule :)