Wednesday, 19 November 2008

There's a new cupcakery in town!!

A second branch of Primrose Bakery has opened in Covent Garden at 42 Tavistock Street. It's not yet listed on their site but I popped by today and its definitely open and selling cupcakes!!!

It's a really cute little store, pretty much the same as the Primrose Hill branch, except the counter is bigger, therefore letting them display MUCH more cupcakes, and their yummy looking layer cakes, and I think the seating area is a little bigger!! I didn't have the camera to take pics but will be going back asap! It looks very much like the pic above of the first branch, just in case you're looking for it :)

I got 2 cupcakes - a vanilla and a chocolate and both were utterly gorgeous - I didn't eat both, one was for Manny!!! The base of my vanilla was really soft and the frosting was utterly delicious as usual, and as usual there were no complaints from Manny!

I was especially happy to find the newly opened Primrose today (it opened on Monday) as at lunchtime today I noticed a new bakery/deli, Fraiche, opened today just near my work and I popped in to check it out and was seduced by a cute looking cupcake - unfortunately it only looked cute - when I tried the frosting it had a fish taste, and unfortunately the second bite only confirmed it, it DID taste of fish, so it went straight into my bin!

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Manny said...

The cake from the new Primrose was definately up to the standards of the original place, I loved it :)