Monday, 17 November 2008

The twelve days of Christmas

Finally news re Lola's 12 days of Christmas cupcakes are on line!!! I kept reading about them in magazines and I was beginning to think I was imagining it!!

LOLA's Twelve Days of Christmas begins on the 12th Dec and runs up until the 23rd Dec *. Our vanilla or boozy fun chocolate cupcake flavour can be beautifully hand decorated with an image depicting each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

*ok - so we know that officially the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the associated evenings of those twelve days (Twelve-tide), are the festive days beginning the evening of Christmas Day (December 25) through the morning of Epiphany (January 6). This just didn't work from a gift giving point of view - hence why we have created our own!

You can read about ordering the cupcakes here, and I've emailed them to check if they'll be available in store in Selfridges for those who'd rather go in to pick them up themselves!

They look very cute don't they although for 3.50 each (sorry my pound sign isn't working!!) they should look good!!!

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