Thursday, 4 March 2010

Shake yer Shamrocks

St Patrick's day is always a big event in parts of America. When we went to NY last year (a year ago today infact..sob) stores were full of everything to help you celebrate from tshirts and hair-dye to deely boppers. My grandfather is half Irish but I've never really seen a need to reclaim that part of me once a year, and have only once gone out for St Patrick's day with a friend from Dublin and that ended messily after a night of cheap Jamesons and Guinness!

However this year I'm planning to make some stout cupcakes to celebrate and was planning to use a Nigella recipe for Guinness cake, but with vanilla frosting as I'm not that keen on cream-cheese frosting. However after receiving this weeks Cakespy mailout that idea has changed. I will still be using the Nigella recipe for the base but will be topping them with baileys frosting after being inspired by this gorgeous cupcake from Trophy.

If you suspect that these cupcakes are comprised completely of awesome, you are right. The stout adds a wonderful density to the cake, leaning more toward chocolatey than toward a beer-y flavor; the Irish Cream in the buttercream gives it a little zing just enough so that you know it's there, but not so much that it drives you to distraction

It's just so pretty, and has left me feeling rather foolish for not thinking of making Baileys frosting as I love Baileys!

As usual Layer Cake Shop is full of fabulous decorating goodies for St Patrick's day, including green top hats and shamrock pics and some really evil, (while slightly camp) leprechaun's.

Thanks to Cakespy/Trophy for use of the pic of the cupcake and Layer Cake Shop for the topper pics


the cupcake fairy said...

I love when people go all out for st. patty's day! love your blog by the way :)

I heart cupcakes said...

Thank you :) I'd have like to have been in NY for St Patrick's last year but we left a few days before it - everywhere was advertising lots of drinking and eating fun :)

Manny said...

I was thinking, we love Baileys coffee, so a Guinness cake with Baileys coffee frosting should be awesome!

I hope we can go back to NY next year!!

I heart cupcakes said...

I'm not sure about the coffee frosting - think I might have to get a bottle of normal Baileys just to make the frosting!

We shall be going to NY - there's no place better we can celebrate our 10 year anniversary