Monday, 29 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me

My birthday this year was a bit of a letdown in that I was v.ill, but was FABULOUS as I spent a lovely day cupcaking with Manny the day before and I got some amazingly fab gifts as well and was spoiled by my lovely husband and friends!

First up is my too gorgeous for words snail plate by Takae Mizutani and Sons that Manny bought for me after I'd mentioned it previously, and perhaps gone on about it a bit to him! Doesn't it make cakes just look even more gorgeous than ever!

Manny also bought me half of the new cupcake selection at Paperchase - including an apron, notebook (for my recipes), mirror, make up bag and a gorgeous little clip purse! I adore them all and felt very spoilt :) Since then I've also got myself the mouse mat and matching pen - I may return for the bunting but not sure if I have anywhere to hang it that the cats can't reach!

I also got some cupcake storage jars, a cupcake flannel and another cupcake apron from my lovely chum Renee (who also sent me tonnes of other goodies including a feast of Hershey's lip balms and Twilight goodies!)

Lots of lovely gifts and lots of yummy cakes (see the two posts below) makes Anne a very happy (and lucky) cupcake fan!


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Cupcake birthdays are the best kind of birthdays aren't they! you got spoilt! I absolutely love those cupcake storage jars..I even 'ahh-ed' out loud when I saw them! any idea where they are from?

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sorry you were ill but looks like you got lots of lovely presents to make up for it.

Manny said...

I'm so chuffed you loved your presents, especially as you were so ill, poor thing! It's always lovely going cupcaking with you :)

Manny said...

I also meant to say, I am the lucky one, being married to you xxxx

Sarah-Jane - said...

wow - who's a lucky girl !

Happy Birthday

Sarah-Jane x

I heart cupcakes said...
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I heart cupcakes said...
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I heart cupcakes said...
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I heart cupcakes said...

@Gem They are gorgeous aren't they - they're from Target I'm afraid. Could ask my friend to get a couple more if you like!

@Sarah - Thanks! I had a lovely time even though ill. Sometimes being on the sofa under a blanket with csi and cupcakes is what is needed in life :)

@Manny - you old sop ; - thanks ever so much for my gifts - they were very much appreciated xx

@Sarah Jane thank you :)

btw - all the deleted comments are me having a blonde moment..oops