Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar*

I was hoping to get to the new Lazy Oaf store this week to check it out, but alas infections and then side-effects of drugs mean I'm stuck at home instead...pah

However thanks to the wonder of t'internet I can peruse stuff to buy when I'm well again..hurrah.

I love this little Cupcake Shoppe stationery set, featuring cupcakes and moustaches...something I find very cute indeed!

If you want to make some moustache cupcake toppers you can do so free thanks to these lovely printable toppers from A Beautiful Mess.

*btw this is allegedly an old proverb - I just wanted something moustachey for the title of this post! I love moustaches but only to admire from afar, not to adorn the face of my loved ones. And I don't like sugar in my tea!

Thanks to Lazy Oaf for use of the pics

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Manny said...

I was getting hopeful that I could stop shaving, before I read the last bit of your post!