Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gu hu - Lola's are doubly spoiling us this month

Some very exciting news about a Lola's collaboration but first up are their flavour of the month - ferrero rocher

Help winter melt away with our luxuriously indulgent Ferrero Rocher cupcake. It has a wonderfully moist hazelnut chocolate sponge, topped with hazelnuts draped in a silky chocolate layer

I used to LOVE Ferrero Rocher when I was a teen (and they were the "in" thing), but then every birthday, christmas etc I'd get about 4 boxes of them and I soon became sick of them. I don't even eat them now when people are giving them away at work but I might give this cupcake a try- maybe just a mini though. I know Manny will be salivating at the sight of this cupcake and getting a full size one (I'd suggest trying a bit of his but he's a bit like Joey from Friends and doesn't like to share!).

Secondly, Lola's have posted up some photographs on their Facebook of their Mothers Day range, and as I was already featuring the flavour of the month (and some exciting Lola's news...) I thought I'd post up some pics. I can't see these on the website yet (in fact its still showing February's flavour of the month - come on Lola's sort it out!) but I'm sure they'll be available to order online soon and in stores for a week or so before Mother's Day.

Finally today on Twitter, Guchocolatepuds tweeted "Gü chocolate brownie cupcake with chocolate ganache icing from Lola's. One word: AMAZING". I (obviously) immediately sent them a message, to which they annoyingly (rudely!?) didn't reply to - however Lola's were more forthcoming with responses and so far all we know is that the and Lola's collaboration will be available by the end of March. I'll post more information as I get it, hopefully with some pics! I know for a fact Manny will be one of the first wanting to try this - he adores !

Thanks to Lola's for use of the pics.


Manny said...

Gu AND Ferrero Rocher cupcakes!! A trip to Lola's is in order ASAP I think :)

I heart cupcakes said...

I thought you might like to go there this month hon ;)