Sunday, 8 June 2008

Bea-utiful cupcakes

I walked past Bea's of Bloomsbury and couldn't resist getting cupcakes - Manny had chocolate with ganache frosting (the frosting was absolutely lovely, I tried a little bit!) and I had a vanilla caramel one which was quite nice but I'm not so fond of the frosting still. I've read that Bea's use a different, healthier style of frosting and I'm not sure I like it. Its nice but nothing that makes you go YUM! I have to say I prefer the good old sugar laden variety - its not like you eat them all the time ;)

While I was there I just couldn't resist having one of their individual lemon meringue cakes and it was one of the scrummiest things I've tasted I have to say!! I was hoping that Manny wouldn't like it so I could snuffle it all myself but he loved it too! It may look a bit squished in the pics - when I took it out to take pics it fell apart - still tasted gorge though :)

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Manny said...

Their chocolate frosting is lovely, certainly no complaints from me :)