Sunday, 22 June 2008

Awright Treacle

They're very "awright" usual!

I got 2 chocolate (for Manny) and a lemon and vanilla for me, with a mini vanilla thrown in as I thought it would stop them moving round in the box and getting squished!! I particularly liked the lemon one, it had a really sharp taste to it. Wasn't so keen on the vanilla with chocolate frosting but then I'm not a fan of chocolate frosting really - I should've specified a pink one!

Manny absolutely loved his two chocolate ones - especially the butterfly one :)

Go visit Treacle one Sunday and experience them for yourself - as they say "Too much is never enough"

1 comment:

Manny said...

I cant believe you dont like the chocolate frosting, mind you I'm glad, it means more for me!! Those were some lovely cakes xxx