Saturday, 14 June 2008

Ann Arbour goes mad for cupcakes!!

Cupcake War is coming to Ann Arbour! They already have the fabulous looking Cake Nouveau with its amazing cupcake menu - I'd love to try some of the flavours on there, although I'm a bit confused as to what a chocolate turtle has in it!! They have a virtual tasting room online but unfortunately it doesn't explain what a turtle cupcake is - the pic above is labelled a choc turtle cupcake...but it offers no ideas as to why!!! Can someone tell me - I'm assuming there's no turtle in there!

Now The Cupcake Station is coming to town with its fab logo - "They're cute, compact and cost about the same as a cup of coffee...they're cupcakes" I want to try a Michigan Bumpycake cupcake - just what is that!!? For the rest of their fab flavours click here...I WANT the banana split one NOW! And I totally have to try their Halloween's a bit far away but how cool do they look!!!

So if you live in Ann Arbour go visit them now, take pics, eat cake and send them to me!! BTW the reason I'm writing about AA is one of my bestest chums lives there and this is a GIANT hint to him to go buy me cake ;)

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