Friday, 20 June 2008

Big John's Sweety Cupcakes

Today I popped to Whitecross Market and after a coffee from Coffee@Whitecross (who make the finest coffee in London) I had a wander through the food market. I was trying to be good and although I stopped at Netty Poskitt's stall and admired her gorgeous cupcakes I resisted, but then I saw Big John's stall and the lovely cupcakes above and my temptation crumbled. I bought the two cupcakes above - a chocolate banana and a strawberry flavour. I also got a chocolate coconut kiss and a triple chocolate brownie and he gave me some money off which is always nice :) I had a good chat with Big John as well and he was absolutely lovely and was worried I wouldn't enjoy his wrong he was! The cakes were FAB! Really nice and soft, with lovely tasty frosting, utterly fantastic and I shall definitely be back...I have to go put John's mind at rest, its not that I plan to buy more of his cakes ;)

Oh yeah and the marshmallows which I think he made himself were gorgeous too and melt in the mouth. As were the biscuit/kiss and the brownie :) As Manny said - he was in cake heaven!

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Manny said...

Big John certainly makes a fine cake :)