Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Magnolia - a late entry to the NY cupcake tour!

Someone just asked me on Twitter if I went to Magnolia Bakery when I went to New York and I was trying to send them the post of my visit and horror of horrors I seem to have missed it off my list of places posted about! And the thing is, as much as it would seem fashionable these days to diss Magnolia we had really good cupcakes from there. The base was really moist and flavoursome and the frosting was very tasty and not too sweet (we'd been warned it was like eating sugar - it wasn't).

I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in New York - be prepared to queue though and it's tiny!!! There's no seating except a little bench outside where people tend to pose with their cakes! We went on a weekday and the queue wasn't too bad - mainly yummy mummys and school kids - I believe at weekends, and when the Sex and the City tours are there it gets very hectic!

We went to the original Bleecker Street location - there are now 3 Magnolias in Manhattan.

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Manny said...

Looking at that giant wad of chocolate frosting is bringing back some lovely memories :)