Sunday, 20 September 2009

Brew Dog Rip-Tide cupcakes

While perusing a blog about beer (The Lighter Side of Beer) I chanced upon a link for Rip Tide Cupcakes and HAD to share them with you. Rip Tide is by Brew Dog, a company that for some reason keep falling foul of those who want to stop our teens getting drunk - they do make beers that are strong fair enough, however their strongest beer which had the nanny state up in arms costs about £11 a bottle, for which our odious teens can buy a couple of crates of p*ishy lager so it wasn't really worth getting het up about!

Anyways back to the cupcakes - the recipe is from another beer blog called Pencil and Spoon and as well as cupcakes has a recipe for Rip Tide ice cream. I think I'll give these a go for Manny as he's a fan of Brew Dog beers - although I might make a chocolate frosting as I'm not too keen on the cream cheese variety.

Thanks to Pencil and Spoon for the pic of the yummy looking cupcakes.

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Manny said...

Boozy cupcakes - cool :) I look forward to tasting them :)