Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cupcakes in Penzance

I often browse the bakeryinfo website for news on cupcakes and today discovered that a cupcakery has been opened in Penzance by a Cornwall-based bakery group called Warrens Bakery - I'm not sure about their choice of name however, Sprinkles.

As we have found out before LA based Sprinkles are NOT happy when anyone uses their name or "their" dots even!

The Penzance cafe offers over a dozen flavours of cupcake from passion fruit, tiramisu and caramel to chocolate and raspberry. Yum.

Will see if I can find any pics or a website - there's nothing on the Warrens Bakery site.

And finally, talking of LA Sprinkles - they've been saying they're opening in London for over a year - and still no news...hurumpf!

Thanks to Sprinkles for the pic of their yummy cupcakes! PLEASE come to London

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Manny said...

They look nice, Penzance is a bit of a trek though!