Thursday, 24 September 2009

Arrrrgh more Halloween Goodies

There are times when I wish I lived in America even more than normal, and one of those times is Halloween!! Americans really GO for Halloween - they have parades (including a dog parade - check out my lovely faves Mango and Miss Blanquita at last years Tompkins Square dogs parade), candy, haunted houses and TONNES of halloween cupcake goodies!

The Layer Cake shop is one of my favourite websites to drool over - they have an immense range of sprinkles, cupcake toppers, glitter, cupcake cases and just everything you need for cupcaking (and baking!). The site is so easy to use as well - you can choose by to shop by theme, colour or holiday - how great! They also ship internationally...expect to see some goodies from them on here soon. You can check out a their entire Halloween range here but I've included a few of my faves above, mainly toppers (including a glow in the dark skull and crossbones!) and the Halloween cupcake kit which I want!

Btw - Mango is Hugh Heffner and Blanquita is one of his bunnies :)


KARA said...

I know it is kinda sad we really do nothing here apart from teenagers causing trouble on the streets in america my mom use to celebrate haloween as much as xmas. I think I am defo going to make some haloween cupcakes though at least.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Trick or treating is lots of fun and I love giving out candies to kids. Dogs' costume are the best! They are just toooo hilarious :)

BTW, you have a lovely blog and I love reading about cupcakes.


I heart cupcakes said...

@Kara - I'm planning on trying to make some. There's always kids out throwing eggs....grr

@Julia - thanks for your comment and kind words re my blog! Dogs costumes rule! My friend in Chicago dresses up her Boston Terrier every year and sends me pics. We dont really celebrate Halloween much here unfortunately

Manny said...

I'm looking forward to some Halloween cupcakes :)We shall be out celebrating one way or another anyway :)

We have a long way to go to catch up the Americans but at least Halloween is getting more popular here.