Monday, 21 September 2009

I heart Paperchase

Saturday morning I was awoken at an ungodly hour as Manny was off to band practice so I decided to go up to Denmark Street with him and check out what other cupcake goodies I could pick up in Paperchase at their flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, following my recent discovery of their new cupcake range there.

I didn't buy everything in the range, but I picked up a couple of bits - including a little tote bag with two cupcakes and a coffee on the front and a lovely pair of bookmarks! I also got a couple of cute cards - think I'll frame the Hello Cupcake one and give the party animal one to someone for their birthday. 


KARA said...

too cute you have to love paperchase, we only have a small one here, doesn't do all that but I got a great cupcake postcard I think I am going to frame the other day.

Manny said...

Always a good place to look for Anne-pressies :)

Laney Landry said...

Wish we had paperchase here, but I have seen a recipe book with some of those cute cupcakes. Thanks for sharing.

I heart cupcakes said...

@Kara - I'm lucky I have 2 smaller ones within walking distance of work and the HUGE one isn't too far either! Pity their online range is so pants!

@Manny - You'll have to be quick - I'm usually too weak to resist it, as soon as I see it I buy it!

@Laney - its a great little store :)