Monday, 19 May 2008

The streets of London are lined with cupcakes

I found this interview with the ladies from the Great Cake Escape on Londonist's website

The streets of London are evolving. Once upon a time, they were paved with gold. Then came the more practical tarmac. Recently, dog turds, phlegm and spent gum have layered our thoroughfares. Now, The Great Cake Escape are on a mission to line our streets with...cake.
We caught up with the duo who, by an incredible coincidence of nominative determinism, go by the names Cherry Bakewell and Fondant Fancy.

So, fill us in with a little background. What's the basic idea?

Cherry: We make and decorate cup cakes and leave them dotted around the streets with little messaged flags. We hope discovering our cakes makes people smile and stimulates curiosity.
Fondant: We simply want to add dash of vibrancy to this urban utopia of ours. We like creating scenes of contrast -- so we adorn everyday locations, such as derelict buildings, pavements and weather beaten window ledges, with a vivid splash of sugar.

Is it just little cup cakes, or do you ever liberate other cakes? Or perhaps even biscuits? Biscuits are more hardy and would stand up to a short spell of rain. We think you should try biscuits.

Cherry: Biscuits, eh? I’ve never heard such heresy!
Fondant: Well, it’s just little cupcakes at the moment but we’ve been nattering about using biscuits when we do festivals this summer.
Cherry: ‘Take the Biscuit’ could perhaps be our brother project? So if there are any tasty gingerbread men out there who fancy taking up the challenge, they’re more than welcome! We’re about little cakes for now--they’re so handy for transporting and dropping.
Fondant: I don’t think the biscuits would last very long in my kitchen--I’d have devoured them before we’ve got around to any icing. Although, imagine the fun you could have with party rings!

I have to say - while I love the idea of cupcakes just appearing all over London, unless I actually saw the person putting them down so I could immediately have one I'm not so sure I'd want to eat a cake I found on the streets - as the interview says the streets of London are filled with spit and shit and I'm not that keen on cupcakes covered in peoples cough, or poo for that matter!!! Although just finding a cupcake would make me smile and thats kinda what they are aiming to do so its all good!

Good on the girls though - what a great way to spread cheer throughout out occasionally grey city! Like urban gardening but with frosting :)
I may have to go check them out at the London Roller Girls next event!

*for the rest of the interview click here, or the link above! Thanks to the Londonist for the pic and the quoted bits :)

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Manny said...

I'm with you, I couldn't eat something I just found lying on the street. But there's plenty of people who will, I'm sure those cakes won't go to waste!