Monday, 12 May 2008

All hail Manowar!

and my adorable friend Renee, and of course cupcakes!!!

I don't think there was anyone in the world luckier than me last week when a HUGE parcel arrived from the States for me from my lovely chum Renee. I almost died when I opened it - inside was a veritable feast of cupcake goodness.

First and foremost she had hand-made me the most fantastic handbag from a tshirt of my favourite band in the world MANOWAR and some cupcaketastic material she'd found! How cool is it!!! Seriously I don't think I've ever received such a cool gift!! The only thing that could better it would be Joey De Maio covered in frosting but hey I couldn't carry my shopping in him ;)
All hail Renee :)

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Manny said...

Ha, I shall have to find you an even nicer gift, now where's that Firebox catalogue ;)