Sunday, 4 May 2008

If I worked in a cupcake shop...

I'd not only be the size of a house and have to be squeezed Winnie The Pooh style through the door, I'd also be HAPPY! Imagine being surrounded by cupcakes ALL DAY! Just looking at a cupcake makes me nearly as happy as eating one..not quite, but you know what I mean!

However when I've gone to the Primrose Bakery, on both occasions its seemed like a chore to serve me, and others that are there too. I understand that I'm not quite of the ilk of their other customers, like the reputed fans Kate Moss and Sadie Frost (well I do look like I eat AND digest the cupcakes I buy rather than chew them and sick them up!) but still, I'm spending money in your store...would it kill you to be pleasant, and perhaps pass the time of day with me?!

When I first walked into their little cafe/bakery I swear I was like a kid in a candy store - the place is totally cute and full of nice little nik naks...and CAKE...but still the people working there seem harassed and perturbed. I know they're busy but seriously I'd LOVE to have the opportunity to open my own bakery and work there! I'm ALWAYS really polite to people in shops as I know how irritating it is for people to be rude to shop assistants from my time as one, and more so when it's somewhere fab like this, but I get the same kind of response from the people here as I get in Tescos! When I asked her which flavours they had on Wednesday I was thankful looks can't kill! Usually people in cupcake places are more than happy to chat with you...

For example, when we went to Bea's she came out to personally ask us did we enjoy our cakes, in Berlin's Cupcake the lady who runs it was adorable and so friendly Manny left some of his heart with her (he was quite smitten bless him!), and Crumbs and Doilies couldn't be nicer if they tried, and the same goes for all the other cupcake places I've visited, and there's been a lot!!, I'm not sure what the problem with PB's certainly not their cakes, which are FABULOUS...maybe we're just not "Primrose Hill" material!

Anyways here's a pic of some cupcakes I bought there earlier this week from the gruff lady there. They were really nice, but alas what sticks in my memory is their (lack of) customer service.

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Anonymous said...

The NY way of spelling it is knick knack, but who's to say. Maybe the original is British and spelled your way!!

I'm from NY and miss my cupcakes. But now I'm old and must eat them in very small doses. It was so good being young and skinny, but it doesn't last.