Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cupcake cottage for sale

I've been keen to try Cakeadoodledoo's cupcakes since I saw their website, and now I could, theoretically, buy the house where the business started...and even better than it being a place where cupcakes are baked...its pink

The larder of her pink, thatched cottage is filled with sacks of flour, edible glitter and chocolate sprinkles; and on the kitchen table is a lever-arch file bursting with orders. Kate shakes her head when she looks at it: "My business has increased by over 500 per cent this year; it scares me. I need an industrial cooker and a bigger kitchen - that is the only reason why we're selling the cottage."
She currently bakes six or seven orders a day, with up to 50 cakes in each batch. "When I make over 300 cakes in a day, I begin to get a bit weepy," she says. "And when I walk across the kitchen floor, it crackles with sprinkles and silver balls."
A website of mouth-watering cupcake images (
www.cakeadoodledo.co.uk) and pretty gift-boxes with ribbons and magnets, helped to get the online business off the ground 18 months ago.
"You must have a cupcake," Kate says, reading my mind. It is chocolate with dark and white chocolate, swirly icing, topped with a Malteser - her favourite. "Cakes are good for the soul," she says. And hopefully for selling a pink cottage, too...

Further details about the house sale and the Cakeadoodledoo business can be found here

(Pic taken from Cakeadoodledoo.co.uk - thanks)

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