Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Buttercup doesn't let me down...

I made an excuse to go to Wholefoods in Kensington High St yesterday as I REALLY craved a Buttercup Cake Shop that bad? And is it worse that I had two instead of the one I promised myself I'd have?

As usual they were absolutely GORGEOUS -each time I eat one of their cupcakes I think that they are my favourite cupcake store in London...and I think they may be. Maybe its cuz their name, and cakes, are very similar to my all time favourite in New York, Buttercup Bake Shop. As well as their cakes, I love their moto - "Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first!"

Anyways I had a vanilla purist (to DIE for), a banoffee ( this was GOOOOOD!), while Manny had a chocolate purist (he loved it was usual) and a cookies 'n' cream which he was rather orgasmic about while eating it...lots of "oh my's"!!! I tried a bit of the frosting from his cookies 'n' cream one and "oh my" was correct - it was UTTERLY fantastic frosting - I didn't care about the cake under it, which of course was lovely and light as usual, that frosting was enough to make it a must have cupcake next time! On their website it says that its just vanilla frosting with oreo dust, I'd say the Oreo dust adds that something extra special to it!! Definitely worth the trip to Kensington for...make an excuse, you need something from Wholefoods, it always works for me :)

I'll be back :)

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Manny said...

The frosting off that cookies 'n' cream one was amazing - I never thought something that wasn't made of pure chocolate could taste so nice!