Monday, 12 May 2008

The cult of the cupcake...

They are calling it the Marie Antoinette diet. And even Victoria Beckham, who strives to be Hollywood's most fashionable - and thinnest - woman, has become a convert to the latest food fad: the cult of the cupcake

Firstly who'd have thought that stick thin "Posh" eats anything never mind the alleged cupcake a day, secondly I googled the Marie Antoinette diet the Daily Mail's article yesterday refers to and boo hiss I can't find anything about it. The press is LYING to me! Here was me thinking there was some kind of cupcake diet I could follow, literally having my cupcake and eating it, but alas its a lie! Although having said that even with the amount of cupcakes I'm eating I'm still losing weight so they MUST be good for you! How could something so cute and tasty possibly be bad for me anyhow!

Lots of stuff about cupcakes can be found here in the article about Heidi Klum and cupcakes. Its basically a rehash of the Telgraph article from last week, where again Sex and the City gets full credit for getting us all eating cupcakes.

Again there's mention of the Sex and the City themed cupcakes at Selfridges but no further info, I'm going to have to take a trip down there this week to investigate!
Also thanks to Helen for sending me the link yesterday am - she knows me so well!!

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