Sunday, 17 February 2008

My birthday CUPCAKE extravaganza

I have been wondering what to do on my birthday in March for a few weeks now as it is the most important day of the year (to me anyways!) and I think I have decided upon a bit of a cupcake-tastic time!

We often go to Brighton for the day as its nice to escape London, do some shopping, see the see and get drunk at the Evening Star pub ( where they have utterly gorgeous kriek which tastes very much like a pint of bakewell tart..yummy! So on this theme I searched for cupcakes in Brighton to no avail but found the Parklife Cafe in Worthing instead which is about 1/2 an hour away from Brighton so the plan for the actual day of my b'day is to pop to the cafe ( have a few cupcakes (and maybe a few to takeaway!) then go to Brighton and have a lovely day by the sea!
I have a cupcake day out in London planned for one of the other days (we have a few days off work!) and will post my planned route up online soon :) It will involve lots of walking, therefore burning off calories for cupcakes :)


Grey said...

huzzah, lots of very handy cup cake info there m8, cheers ;-)
I saw an article about cupcakes in one of those free papers & tore it out to give to you ;-)
Did you have it already? If not see you on fri/sat gigs hopefully

Kirsty said...

do keep me posted about the London Cupcake-fest! :-)