Saturday, 23 February 2008

Buttercup Cake Shop - Kensington

Having been good this week (so far) and not sucummbed to the temptation of the cupcake I thought I'd post some pics of other cupcakes I have scoffed!

Buttercup Cake Shop ( in St Albans Grove, Kensington is my favourite cupcake place in the UK so far!!

I first read about it in Time Out one Wednesday lunchtime in January and I nearly had a heart attack as I thought at first it was a London branch of Buttercup Bake Shop ( that I'd visited in New York last July (Still my absolute favourite cupcake in the world - so good I carried a box of them back with me!). However some research revelled it wasn't related to the Buttercup Bake shop in NY, however I still wanted to try it and dragged Manny there that weekend!

It took some finding but when we arrived it was an absolutely gorgeous little store (I must get some pics on my next visit) and the lady serving (I think it was the owner) was so friendly and cool - she thought it was great that I adore cupcakes so much and that they're getting so popular in the UK! Manny nearly slid on a puddle of his own drool there and he couldn't choose what to get so we ended up with 5 gorgeous cupcakes - including one for a friend so we weren't being totally fat!
I had a vanilla purist (I ALWAYS have to have a vanilla) which melted slightly but was so lovely I had to stop myself from eating the 2nd vanilla one we bout for Carly! There website says they use a pure vanilla extract by Nielsen Massey and it had the nicest vanilla flavour I've ever had - it was little eating a slice of heaven!!! (having searched for it it turns out their international store is in Leeuwarden, Holland where we visited last year - typical!! I'll have to go back now). My second cupcake was a banoffee one, which topped the vanilla one!!! Seriously, this cupcake was soooo tasty I wanted to marry it and have it forever! It just tasted so lovely - the frosting was just so caramelly - I feel hungry just thinking about how great it was!!
Manny had a chocolate purist (of course, chocolate cupcakes are his fav!!) and he can be seen above just before he tucks into it!! I think his second one was a chocolate bunny - as usual he didn't take a pic of the second one as he was too busy stuffing his face!

I am going back there the day before my birthday to get some cupcakes for my birthday breakfast and shall make sure I try some other flavours and get some more pics, although I'm not sure about trying the chocolate zucchini - maybe I can persuade Manny to give it a go!

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