Sunday, 17 February 2008

Donna Hay cupcake set

Just when I thought I couldn't cram anything else cupcake into my weekend I popped into our local Sainsburys and lo and behold fancy cupcake mix by Donna Hay! There were two flavours, chocolate and lemon and coconut! Not wanting to be greedy I just bought one for now but will be going back next weekend to get the choclate one I'm sure! I've had a look on her website to see if there are any other flavours but unfortunately it doesn't have any info - so I've mailed obsessed??!
I shall try and resist making them till the end of the month, when my self-imposed cupcake ban is over, and post pics once I've done them - hope they look as cute as on the box! I love the tag-line on the box "cupcakes that are as cute as a button"...aren't ALL cupcakes cute though??

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