Saturday, 23 February 2008

I have failed!!!!

Well my self imposed cupcake ban has been a failure. I am weak and just could not resist the call of Daisy Cakes Bake Shop!! I blame Manny for rushing me this morning to try and get to Greenwich Park in time to see the Time Ball on Flamsteed House at 1pm ( which once again we failed to see! We did however get to see the deer (sleeping again!) and feed lots of squirrels monkey nuts!!!
After a long walk in the park a cup of "the best coffee in Greenwich" was required from the Cellar Cafe where Manny had a scrummy slice of carrot cake which was baked by our very own Daisy Cakes Bake Shop!!! I just couldn't go there and not pop in - it would've been rude, especially as one of the girls in the store popped into the cafe and recognised us!
The top 3 pics above show our cakes from Daisy Cakes - mine was a vanilla with sprinkles and Manny had a mocha!!! As usual they were utterly gorgeous and its always so nice to pop in there as its such a cute little cupcake shop and the people that work there are friendly!!!
The bottom picture is of a beautiful cupcake I just chanced upon while wandering round the food section of the market - it was made by the Real Baking Company - and is called their very vanilla cupcake! As well as looking absolutely gorgeous, it tasted divine!
Now - wonder if I can manage next weekend without a cupcake!!!?

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