Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Daisy Cakes Bake Shop - the return

The first weekend in Feb as part of my new Fitbug regime I dragged Manny for a long walk around Greenwich park which was lovely and as a reward we popped into Daisy Cakes Bake Shop (http://www.daisycakesbakeshop.com/) after we left the park, stopping for a coffee in the Cellar Cafe opposite it for the best cappucino I've had (Manny had a fab spicy mocha which had chilli flavoured hot chocolate in!). We also finally made it to the Dog and Bell pub (http://www.thedogandbell.com/index.html) after about 3 years of meaning to get there, where sampled some rather scrummy kriek (only my second alcholic drink of 2008!)

Anyways back to the cupcakes - after a couple of drinks we staggered home and had our cupcakes - a white chocolate and raspberry for Manny and a carrot with cream cheese frosting for me. Sorry the pictures are a bit squiffy but so was I - I did take one of them in the box too but alas it looked like a cupcake massacre in there - I blame Mannys "helpfullness" in the pub of turning them upside down! Although the cake part of mine was lovely, the cream cheese frosting was a bit sickly sweet and I can't say I'd have this flavour again - definately worth trying if you like sweet frosting though! Mannys white chocolate cake I didn't try (it barely hit the sides going in I think!!!) but the frosting on his was really nice and I'd recommend this one, the fresh raspberries were a nice touch!

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