Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Happy Valentines day

Okay its 2 days early but my gorgeous husband realised he couldn't get to Selfridges on the day itself so he went today and got me four beautiful cupcakes from Lola's. Well when I say "got me" I mean us - Manny can't say no to a cupcake - especially a chocolate one!!!

I have had the pink one with the hearts so far today and it was fabulous - the base is more like a fairy cake than an American style cupcake but very nice and the frosting was lovely and not too sweet! I'm saving the other one for tomorrow but if you read this head down to Selfridges asap if you want to catch them - I think they only have the valentine ones till Thursday!! You can also order Lola's cupcakes from http://www.lolas-kitchen.co.uk/ but there are no slots left for the 14th Feb!
Thanks Manny for such a lovely suprise :)

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