Friday, 4 December 2009

Crumbs...Christmas flavour is back!

I could really just link to here, as the Crumbs and Doilies December flavour of the month is the same as last year...Christmas...and we wouldn't have it any other way! We sampled them last Christmas and they were fab (and as usual so pretty with the best sprinkles!)

They’re back! Our Christmas cupcakes feature a cinamony, gingery Christmas spiced sponge, topped with a smooth, luxurious brandy buttercream icing.

Available from Partridges Market (Saturdays), Covent Garden food market (Thursdays and Fridays, and Weds 16th-Sat 19th) and to order online here.

If you head to Partridges Market I highly recommend the curry stall there - its FAB!

Thanks to Crumbs and Doilies for use of their gorgeous pics

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Manny said...

I shall take a wander down to Covent Garden on Friday lunchtime :)