Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hail...the royalty of cupcakes!

A couple of people sent me details of the worlds most expensive cupcake this week - priced at $750, from Sweet Surrender at The Palazzo in Las Vegas ...

Decadence D’Or is a sumptuous cupcake, handcrafted from the most exclusive, rich, and enterprising ingredients around the globe. The main ingredient in this sinful cupcake is Palmira Single Estate Chocolate. This special chocolate varietal is derived from the rare and fragile Porcelana Criollo bean and cultivated to its fullest state of richness exclusively at the Valrhona plantation in Venezuela. Complementary to the Palmira Single Estate Chocolate is Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar- the world’s most labor-intensive agricultural crop. This fruit, after it is ripened for nine months, then hand-harvested, cured, sweat, dried, and hand-split, is obtained only by tedious manual extraction; it is truly a delicacy, both in taste and exclusivity. Topping the Decadence D’Or is the masterfully smooth Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, 100 years in the making, and edible, metallic gold flakes, each painstakingly hand-placed. Finally, once baked to perfection, this grand dessert is encased in a stately, hand blown sugar Fleur-de-Lis and presented on a handmade exclusive elegant crackled-gold glass curved plate and bowl.

Sounds a bit fancy for me - think I'd stick to their regular cupcakes personally - think of the amount of normal cupcakes you could buy for that amount of $s!

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Manny said...

When the band get's big I'll take you to Las Vegas and treat you to one :)