Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

As I look out my window onto a rather festive looking south London I can't help hoping that there will be snow next week and there'll be a lovely white Christmas :)

As usual my thoughts then turned to cupcakes and I began looking for festive cupcakes on google and I happened upon Epicute - the cute food blog! Why haven't I found this before?? Lots of gorgeous pictures of cute food - right up my street!

This lovely cupcake was originally uploaded onto Flickr by Bananagranola - isn't it adorable! Check out her other pics if you like giant rubber ducks too - very cute!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :)

thanks to bananagranola for use of the gorgeous photo!


Manny said...

You got your wish for the snow :) That cupcake does look rather yummy I must say!

catty said...

is that meringue on the cupcakes? OMG you just gave me the most awesome idea!! Lemon meringue cupcakes - lemon cupcakes with meringue & lemon curd!! What do you think??

I heart cupcakes said...

I've had lemon meringue cupcakes from Outsider Tart and they were fab!I say go for it, make them :)