Thursday, 28 May 2009

Horrific cupcakes

Now I like skulls (I am a heavy metal chick after all!), and I heart cupcakes so you think putting the two together would be right up my street....alas Kreepsville 666 seem to have got the combo v.wrong with their range of cupcake skull items. Maybe its the horrid colours, maybe the really not too cute skulls (Skulls CAN be cute check out the cover of Fudge Cupcake Murder for some cute skull/cupcake shenanigans) but there is just something about them I don't like!

Yay or nay? Decide for yourself on the pics above or click here for their full range.


Manny said...

I thought the top one was a real cake at first!

I heart cupcakes said...

Time for a trip to 20/20 my myopic little one!

If that was a cake i certainly wouldn't be eating it!