Thursday, 21 May 2009

Buy cake

Yesterdays Sheerluxe email demanded that I buy cake, eat cake and after looking at Buy Cake's website I have to say I'd be very tempted if only I'd not been practicing cupcake recipes for the last couple of weeks and have now had my fill for a few days at least!

Michelle and I have been friends for a long time and share a passion for good quality and great tasting homemade cakes. Having baked over and above what any normal family could eat (in a lifetime) we decided to set up our homemade cake and cookie company.

If you want a delivery of cupcakes I reckon these are worth checking out!

Thanks to Buy Cake for the gorgeous pics of their cupcakes! I heart the buzzy bea one!


Manny said...

Oh yeah, they look like my kind of cakes, well chocolatey :)

cakedecorator said...

They are lovely, vey well piped and decorated, I love the little bee!

cake decorating is an art