Friday, 22 May 2009

After my first disastrous attempt at chocolate cupcakes (the Hummingbird cookbook let me down -they came out a bit lumpy and the frosting went very lumpy) I decided to try Hannah's Rolo chocolate cupcakes and they worked out a treat. You can get the recipe here - I didn't use the frosting as I wanted to have a chocolate overload with them, so gave the Hummingbird chocolate frosting another go and thankfully this time it came out absolutely gorgeous! I'm not usually a fan of chocolate cupcakes but even I managed a couple of these!

I shall be making another batch tomorrow to give out at the punk rock bingo, so fingers crossed they turn out as tasty!

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Manny said...

These were some of the nicest cupcakes I've ever had, you have a real talent for the baking :) I'm so proud of you hun xxxx