Sunday, 26 April 2009

Momiji Cupcake Cuteness

ooooh look at all this gorgeous Momiji cupcake cuteness!

Spread the love. Pixie says you're a cup cake pixie from a magic land Pixie likes escapology and cups of tea.

You can buy them in loads of places online and on the high street, including the cupcake cases here, the mug here and the doll (which was featured on the blog sometime ago!) here.

The cases come in a pretty tin full of 100 colourful paper cupcake cases, and 20 little flags featuring phrases such as "this one's mine" and "hey cupcake!". Designed by Joanna Zhou (a cupcake connoisseur and Manga artist!), these will brighten up any tea party.

The mug features lots of cupcakes and inside reads "you're a cup-cake pixie from a magic land"

Cute overload :)


Manny said...

More Anne-pressie ideas :)

I heart cupcakes said...

I think some of them might take paypal ;)

KARA said...

I love Pixie and she loves sitting in my house, hubby knows about the mug, hint hint xx