Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Horray for peeps!

So I ventured away from the pink cupcakes this time..well kinda! I still made some pink ones (I can't help it I love pink!) and some yellow and some blue. I was hoping the blue would be kinda pastel blue but it first went kinda concrete grey/blue, then I added some more and it was still kinda blah blue...taste nice though! The yellow isn't too great either - I added quite a bit, and it does look better, in the pic I think my blue walls/black worktops are reflecting a bit and making it appear darker - its quite a vibrant yellow honest! Hope the people at work appreciate my effort!

I also made some brownies, again from the Hummingbird cookbook - they fell apart a bit when I tried to remove them from my stupid new silicone brownie tray but they are perfectly brownie-ish - ie still moist in the middle - however they are way too chocolatey for me - hope Manny is hungry when he gets home! The pic above shows it pre-baking in its full ooey gooey Green and Blacks glory!


Manny said...

Those brownies are some of the nicest I've ever tasted - Flour Power had better watch out!! Perfectly moist, sticky and chocolatey, just how I like them :) You have a real talent for this! I'm looking forward to a cupcake and more brownie when I get in xxxx

KARA said...

they are sooo cute, your frosting looks awesome, what recipe do you use ?
happy easter in advance xx

I heart cupcakes said...

Hey Kara - the frosting tastes awesome (licking the bowl is The recipe is from the Hummingbird cookbook - its the best! I made the brownies too which are too chocolaty for me but Manny loved them - very moist and gooey!
Have a great Easter - I hope to make it to a new cupcakery this weekend x

Katiecakes said...

Ooh, I've just made those brownies too and mine got stuck to my baking tray too! Serves me right for not lining the bottom :S

Cupcakes look lovely :)

Katie xox

I heart cupcakes said...

Thanks Katie! Maybe I should've lined the tray too but I thought the silicone tray would be ok! Next time I'll pay attention to the instructions! Didn't stop Manny scoffing them constantly mind you!

KARA said...

Oh I tried getting the Hummingbird Book but Amazon say its not available yet, I shall get it as soon as is. It all looks so yummy.
Oh can't wait to see the new cupcakery xx

I heart cupcakes said...

I know its sold out a couple of times via Amazon -their twitter says they're onto the 4th printing! They do have them in store if you're up in London again soon - it really is a good book. You can get the recipe for their cupcakes via google as they were in a lot of press when the book launched and the vanilla recipe was everywhere!
The cupcakery is unfortunately shut this weekend but will pop over in the week!