Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Aren't all cakes sweet?

This tshirt was featured in Heat yesterday (yes I know I should read something more intellectual but my name is Anne and I read crap)

It's from a website called Jukupop and can be bought by clicking here - isn't it adorable! Two of the best things in the world - cupcakes and Hello Kitty...cute overload!


KARA said...

oh I need this, I read trash too.
Lets see do they do this is normal lay sizes though

Kats said...

I got this and it arrived today - cute!

I also made the vanilla cupcakes from Hummingbird this evening, and they didn't work out very well. The sponge is really crumbly and fell apart - the same thing happened when I made the green tea cupcakes and blueberry muffins, but the red velvet turned out perfectly.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong, I feel it's something to do with how the flour, butter, sugar etc are mixed at the beginning as in most of my other cake recipes just the butter and sugar is creamed together first (and same with the red velvet cupcakes). But yours turned out well!

I heart cupcakes said...

Hi Kats - I'm really not sure. I was very conscious not to mix it too much as it says not to overmix. All three batches have come out soft and light - I shall try another flavour next week and see how I get on!

Glad someone got the tshirt -its very cute! Manny ordered me some goodies from Jukupop as well - they arrived today :)

Kats said...

Mine came out soft and light too, but almost too much - they had no substance and wouldn't stay together. I think I'll blame my hand mixer and dodgy oven!

Nice work on the goodies from Jukupop - I was about to throw out the packaging when a lollipop fell out of mine too!