Tuesday, 21 April 2009

le petit gâteau est yuk

Ok, bear with me...my French is merde so I've used Google translator to allegedly say "the cupcake is yuk", I hope it's correct,if not I apologise. My reason for the French is because I tried a strawberry cupcake a Patisserie Valerie at the weekend and it was not a nice experience. Too sweet, not fresh and I'm pretty sure it had been dropped on at some point in it's life..dreading where I didn't eat it after I realised. Also the coffee was awful so...Je vais maintenant être éviter Patisserie Valérie (I hope this says I shall be avoiding Patisserie Valerie!)

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Manny said...

They replaced the wonderful Square Pie Company at the Brunswick Centre so I was biased against them anyway, lol!