Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wonder if she'll buy cupcakes with her prize money?

From the NY Daily News...

In a flurry of chocolate cream and crumby debris, the yoga teacher crammed her last cupcake - No. 17 - winning the contest, and defeating her closest competitor by just one of the sweet treats.

Ivy Bakery held its first cupcake-eating contest outside of the shop on 87th St. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The five competitors were given five minutes to inhale as many chocolate cupcakes as possible. The winner took home $75 and dubious bragging rights.

Nancy Cummings, the first-place winner, said that her role as a yoga instructor gave her what it took to be the champion.

"I am disciplined and focused and I can digest them faster," said the slender 31-year-old brunette from Bay Ridge, who dipped each little chocolate cake into a glass of water before shoving it whole into her mouth.

Runner-up Dominick Ibelli, 35, gave Cummings a chocolate-smeared handshake and congratulated her on the victory. He then ate one more cupcake in a moment of second-place showmanship.

One failed competitor, though, wasn't eating any after-game cupcakes. After the contest, Jo Rose, 50, sat with his head bowed.

"I am feeling a little sick," the Bay Ridge writer said. "I gave it my best shot. But I am gonna hurl any moment."

Personally I think I'd rather just eat a couple and enjoy them rather than stuffing them in my mouth like that - cupcakes are all about enjoying them and shovelling them in (All wet and moist too..dunking cupcakes in water eugh) seems to be be the opposite of enjoyment to me!

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