Thursday, 2 April 2009

I taste of yummy red velvet

Well I do when I wear my Philosophy Red Velvet lip balm I bought at Sephora in New York and totally forgot to blog about! Its totally yummy, tastes just like red velvet (a bit too much I've gone through it already - need to get Dennis my American chum to send me some more - especially now Sephora aren't in the UK..pah!).

What it does:Sweeten your lips with the decadent flavor of super-rich red velvet cake. Philosophy Red Velvet Cake Lip Shine hydrates and soothes while offering a beautiful, high-gloss shine, and a lot of flavor.What else you need to know:If you or someone you know wants delicious, kissable, high-gloss lips, and to indulge in great taste without the calories, Red Velvet Cake Lip Shine is for you!

Also by Philosophy, the red velvet bubble bath (not sure why I didn't buy it when I was there - I may have to try and get it over here now!) and a creamy frosting one you can have your cake and frosting too :)

Sephora also had some other cupcake items in store, including their own vanilla cupcake range and the chocolate cupcake range from Dylan's Candy Bar (you can search Sephora on here and find out about both!), but they both smelt sickly rather than nice unfortunately.

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