Thursday, 15 January 2009

Le Cool Cupcakes

As featured in this weeks Le Cool email

Bakery Primrose Bakery
With claps and squeals of delight, it was on a recent shopping trip that me and my friend stumbled upon this treasure trove of a bakery just off Covent Garden. More twee than a Disney movie,
Primrose Bakery is an upscale cake haven suitable for kids, but really catering for grown-ups of the female variety. Help yourself to a (quite amazing) cappuccino and pick from an array of fine and divine cupcakes topped with sweet halos of icing. With a minimal number of tables, I imagine this place is chocca at the weekend (and for good reason too), but should you be so lucky to bag a space, take the time to enjoy this cute little sweetspot with your best female friends, reading coffee table magazines and people watching from the big window. With five-star cupcakes, this is the fine dining of floured goods

The pics are of some lovely cupcakes we enjoyed at Christmas from Primrose!! I fully agree with Le Cool, the cafe is cute as a button but very small - I've managed to bag a seat twice and am always happy to have grabbed one!

Talking of cupcakes...I still haven't had a cupcake since before New Year....good grief!

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Manny said...

A good place for males to buy cupcakes for their gorgeous wives from too :) We have to break your cupcake drought ASAP!!